Reuter Stokes

Reuter-Stokes’ Flame Detectors are designed for monitoring a wide range of industrial burners and equipment including:

  • Gas Turbines
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Steam Methane Reformers
  • Enclosed Ground Flares
  • Drying Kilns
  • Industrial Ovens

IR vs. UV Flame Detectors
Unlike IR sensors, UV flame scanners respond more quickly to changes in flame status because they are not subjected to black body radiation and lack the inertial memory of a thermocouple. Users rely on Reuter-Stokes flame sensors for proper operation of gas turbines and other critical infrastructure and are ideal in situations where other service-prone technologies, like thermocouples, tend to fail.

Top-fired steam methane reformers tend to use flame sensors for start-up only and expect them to fail before operations are ramped down, while traditional sensors installed in areas with excessive heat tend to burn out. Our Flame Trackers continue to operate throughout a plant’s lifecycle without the need for replacement, as they are designed to withstand temperatures beyond the range required for methane reformers.

flame sensor attributes


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